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INDIA – Monsoon To Produce Above Average Rainfalls

India could be install for and above average monsoon this year. Al Jazeera reports that India could see above average rain falls during the monsoon season in 2016.

This will come as good news for most parts of India, which is experiencing crippling heatwaves as temperatures reach 50°C in some parts. This is had a devastating impact on agricultural produce, leaving some farmlands with nothing to sell.

At a time where our earth is clearly warming up, dried dehydrated ground raises more concerns. A sudden deluge of rain could trigger mass flash flooding across dry, hard land area’s. Unfortunately, we only have to look at the state of Pakistan’s flash flooded areas, where floodwaters have been strong enough to dismantle entire bridges.

Lets hope that this will not happen, as food shortages around the globe are on the rise as we reported recently with the crisis in Malawi.

[Link to Al Jazeera “above average monsoon”]

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