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INDIA – Monsoon To Produce Above Average Rainfalls

India could be install for and above average monsoon this year. Al Jazeera reports that India could see above average rain falls during the monsoon season in 2016.

This will come as good news for most parts of India, which is experiencing crippling heatwaves as temperatures reach 50°C in some parts. This is had a devastating impact on agricultural produce, leaving some farmlands with nothing to sell.

At a time where our earth is clearly warming up, dried dehydrated ground raises more concerns. A sudden deluge of rain could trigger mass flash flooding across dry, hard land area’s. Unfortunately, we only have to look at the state of Pakistan’s flash flooded areas, where floodwaters have been strong enough to dismantle entire bridges.

Lets hope that this will not happen, as food shortages around the globe are on the rise as we reported recently with the crisis in Malawi.

[Link to Al Jazeera “above average monsoon”]

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What A Week – Todays World News

World News That Concerned Us this week –

365Reality Report

A round up of this weeks news with a view from our standpoint at 365Reality.

There is no such thing as a ceasefire

Syria’s ceasefire has been in a affect for just over a week now. Normally, this would call for a celebration but as it stands, over 100 people have been killed in the last week alone. Thats not much of a ceasefire in our eyes. There is no such thing as a ceasefire in war – only time to rethink your strategy, re-group and reload for the next onslaught. This could not be more true if you look at whats going on.

The largest military ‘exercise’ ever to take place is underway with almost all 350,000 troops, over 400 helicopters and over 2000 tanks will be combat ready. These so called ‘war games’ include most of Americas key allies and even China says it will be taking part in the games. Who are they trying to kid with these ‘games’? Its all one big strategic movement of key chess pieces in the shape of military hardware. This is worrying and should worry everyone!

Russia has been very tolerant of Turkey during this entire process. Lets not forget that Turkey has already shot down a Russian fighter jet for coming in to its airspace. It seems to us that Russia is making all the effort it can to remain diplomatic – but patients will not last forever. Now, Turkey has been caught red-handed shelling Kurdish fighters and other pro Bashar al-Assad forces. This is a clear violation of the treaty and from the outside, seems to be taunting Russia to react. Turkey as already been told by the UN that it will not be supported by UN forces, which leaves Turkey stranded should Russia decide to teach Turkey a lesson in diplomacy.

You also have a “my **ck is bigger than your *ick” standoff in the South China sea’s between China and US Naval forces. Not a clever thing to do by the US when tensions in the world are so high.

Then you have north Korea – a rebellious segment of the world which the west seems to be keeping a close eye on. Look, in our opinion, it’s not our business what they do and say in their own country – so leave them alone! Ok, so he has some nukes that he tests. The guy is pisse* off with everyone putting sanctions on his country, telling him what he can and cannot do – no wonder he is annoyed. And to top it off, the US and South Korea are conducting ‘North Korean assault’ games to simulate a ground invasion of North Korea. Let’s hear that again – US & South Korea are simulating a ground assault of North Korea – and calling it a ‘simulation’. Now if we were North Korea – we would be disturbed to hear such news![Video Report]

What the hell is going on? It really concerns us that we have powerful nations locking horns all over the world. Something is going to have to give. Someone will need to stand down and retract, but who will it be?

Our Earth – Its Losing its Mind

This week alone has seen some massive activity all over the world. We have had record levels of carbon monoxide gas released along the west coast of the US. Satellite images showed gas releases running right along the San Andreas fault – which was very concerning. Fortunately, the gases have receded and no longer pose a threat.

Earthquakes for first week of March 2016

Earthquakes for first week of march 2016

We have had volcanic activity all over the world. Its a shame that the main stream media did not report any of them. The Indonesian earthquake was reported – but we hear nothing more from the main stream. See [Carbon Monoxide Reports]

Naturally, the are other news headlines that the mainstream have also reported on like the humanitarian crisis in Europe, but lets not forget – the west caused it all. If we stopped meddling in other peoples business – none of these things would be happening.

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