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5 REASONS – US Dubbed – “Nation of Sleepwalkers”

It would seem that the US is in real trouble. But you already know that. Our readers associate 365reality with revealing the truth – and so we are.

With the US leading most of the conflicts around the world (with help from its allies), domestic attention is oversea’s. Whilst all the violence across the world continues, the US is sleeping walking in too an oblivion of turmoil. The issues:

  1. Hilary Clinton –  How is she still in the presidential race is far beyond our reasoning. With the email scam and rape allegations placed on former president and husband Bill Clinton, surely she should be thrown out and impeached. Nothing “real” is being done – only suggestion’s and rumours. She is still walking the streets. Why?
  2. 9/11 – The so called investigation was a complete waste of time and resources. We think the whole world would agree that restricted access to material and limited funds does not scream “thorough” investigation. Pages from the report have been withheld from the public and still, no one is pushing the issue with congress. Why?
  3. George Bush & Tony Blair – War criminals making a fortune from their “honourable speeches” around the world. The illegal war in Iraq based on false information was a huge disaster and cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Again, why are they not in prison and why is it taking so long to prosecute them? The investigation has now been going on for 6 years!. Why?
  4. Islamophobia – Completely the wests doing. ISIS, created, trained and armed by the US – with more and more reports proving the connection between the two. Refugee’s have no choice but to run from war – and the west is complaining. STOP and think about it. No wonder many factions around the world do not trust the West. Almost everyday, the mainstream try and brainwash people in to thinking its all “Islam” fault. Islam or Muslim’s didn’t create terrorism – terrorism is a manufactured problem, that we knowingly created.
  5. Rigged US Polls – Donald Trump supporters have been continuously raising concerns of voting fraud. That in itself is a jail term for anyone rigging elections. Roger Stone, who has been making the US voters aware of this, is doing a great job. Lets hope Mr Stone is successful in providing sufficient proof that can be used to prosecute those fraudsters.

These are just a few of the reasons that the US is in huge trouble. Criminality is rife in high places and if we are not careful, we will miss our chance of providing a decent future for our children.




If you have not done so, please read Baal Worship & Child Sacrifice before you continue.

It is said, that April marks a significant date in the Pagan calendar – its the date Pagan’s used to worship their God BAAL. The pillar’s to the temple of BAAL will be recreated this month in Time’s Square (New York) and London’s Trafalgar Square. Is this a coincidence, or is by design? We will leave that up to you to decide…

365REALITY was one of the first websites in the world to cover the recreation of the “gates to BAAL”, and now the mainstream media have finally woken up to the fact that this is all a little strange…

Worship to BAAL included sexual orgies and sacrificing children as a human offering to BAAL.

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT – Images of a Pagan celebration.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.41.24Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.44.34Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.43.19Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.42.58Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.43.51Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.40.52Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.42.17Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.41.44

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Social Engineering – The Rape Of Women

Disclaimer: Caution – This may shock some readers

With regret, what we are about to share with you in this report is considered contradictory with common belief. Those that are involved have gone to great lengths to achieve zero exposure and are still operating using extreme covert methods of concealment. If you feel that you are not ready for the information we are about to share, please STOP NOW… and enjoy the rest of your day….

Record levels of abortion’s have left some clinics without enough staff, and others crying out for more funding. In countries and states where abortion is illegal, “private family advisors” are unlawfully on the rise. Record numbers of court cases involving young girls and women, who have been raped by men are recorded – worldwide. A (unconfirmed) report suggests that girls, as young as 12 , have aborted babies.

Domestic violence has soared over the last 50 years, with worryingly high trends where women are the victims. Almost symmetrically,  violence toward men, by women, is also soaring at rates never seen before. The “age at conviction” of rapists is getting younger, and so are the female victims. This is contrary to public belief due to the very nature of the covert methods used to “manage” such information and situations.

Women’s lives are being ruined , every second, of every day and many are going unheard. The need for “silence” in some countries & cultures still exists and is feared to always remain as such. Social standing and family honour fears rule the minds of many victims. This in itself is confirmation of social delinquency and exploitation of the female gender.

Our research has led us to believe that one man, a Professor Wilhelm Wundt,  who is considered by many as the father of psychology, is to blame. Professor, Wilhelm Wundt, put together some ideas and practices of psychology that would, unbeknown to him, shape the world in a way he may never have imagined. Wundt believed that, much like an animal, Man could be persuaded to do just about anything, given the right type of stimulation and experience(s).

As such, Wundt’s methods and conclusions have had a dramatic effect on the world, most notably in education where his ideas on training and development have been taught through almost every academic institution, in one form or another, in the western world. Modern education no longer relies upon teaching children how to think critically and independently, it now concentrates its efforts on training children to behave and react in a prescribed manner.

Training human behaviour and the results are ever more apparent over time, simply through reward and punishment. Those that follow the prescribed path and ideals, as laid out by governments and high ranking think tanks, are successful in life, and those that go against the grain are ridiculed, alienated and often punished.  A “herd manipulation technique” was also researched and put out to the masses. This is one of the most sinister and concerning real life studies to be carried out. Mass manipulation is something that is evident today. The “Design, Manufacturing and Production” of events and the deliverance of them is called the main stream media.

Through the application of propaganda, drugs, popular culture, media, film studios, music labels and educational programs and lobbying, the Tavistock Institute has shaped society, our culture and the way we respond to politics, wars and changes in behaviour and practices; one of which has been to shape our society’s views on sexuality.

All that we consume in the media has been, in most accounts, designed with impeccable accuracy and delivered to the “masses” with almost military grade precision. The creation and destruction of the rich and famous is decided and engineered by a few.

Sexuality has been a considerable target – groups have sought to change our opinions on homosexuality and trans-genders with one arm, they have sought to turn man against woman with the other — most notably in the form of the ‘Women’s liberation movement’, which is a contradiction in terms since the movement has done more to degrade women than it has to liberate them. Then there are the “worshiped celebrities” that are moulding how we should think, feel and look at life. What our goals “should” be and how “success” is praised. What comes with success and money is almost rammed down our children’s throats everyday and then we blame them for turning up late to family funerals.

The media is always reminding us of the differences between men and women, almost building a phantom wall between the genders. Destroying the very natural fabric of the meaning ‘family’. The genders have never been so close to sheer hatred in history. Its no wonder depression has been rising over the last two decades across the board.

Nature has always promoted the union between man and women, which cannot be destroyed overnight. It takes years and many generations to reach maximum effectiveness of mind manipulation strategies. The successfulness is evident today, with women of all ages paying the price.

Family is no longer seen as a privilege, but more of a burden. Parents are no longer respected, but merely humoured.  Children are no longer a creation of joy, but a programmable object with many potential applications.

If you can relate to what we have disclosed, we would love to hear your views and opinions. Please consider sharing this – it may help someone out there make some sense out of this life….
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Baal Worship & Child Sacrifice

Updated: See – [BAAL Arches CANCELLED In NYC & London]

[BAAL] – The arches from the temple of BAAL are to be recreated in London’s Trafalgar Square and New Yorks Time Square. The temple of Baal (also known as BEL) was “supposedly” destroyed by ISIS, but the main Arch was left untouched and is to be recreated using the worlds largest 3D printer in April 2016. But the question remains – WHY?

It is said that BAAL (meaning LORD or GOD) was worshipped as the god of weather and agriculture. Children were given as human sacrifices and burnt in BAAL’s honour.

Now, why would NYC and London feel it “appropriate” to honour this kind of god by erecting its arch that stands at the temples entrance – in two of main financial cities in the world? Does anyone else think its weird and disgusting? Why would you even recognise such a God? Makes our stomachs churn!

The [BBC] wrote an article in December stating:

Alexy Karenowska, from the Institute of Digital Archaeology, which is behind the project, said she hoped it would help people understand how important it was to preserve cultural sites in war-torn countries such as Syria.

What is wrong with these people? Why not rebuild something that would promote (much needed) unity and peace. Im sure you guys could come up with something better than this.

What are your thoughts on this? Anyone else think that this feels wrong?


The Vatican has JUST announced that exorcism and demonic possession courses [NBC News Link] are about to begin at the Vatican itself! 200 students have already enrolled.

Be True To Yourself

Can we honestly say that we are a society of honest people? In a world where we are stepping on each other to make a quick buck and external influences dictating what we should think and feel – its hard to tell.

Our world is quickly becoming a dictatorship – and we are all aware of it. From the restrictions put on where and when people can smoke a cigarette to what we are “permitted” to see on the internet. We were supposed to be part of a revolution – freedom of open speech, freedom on the internet and information was supposed to be available to all. It would seem the powers that be are pulling us all in and we are allowing it to happen.

If we all sit back and just think for a while about what is happening around us – the shocking truth will slap you in the face – hard!

The small things that we all think do not matter, are actually the seeds being harvested for bigger changes to come.

Lets all spend some time to think about who we actually are and want we want – not what is being fed to us via our media sources.

So, what does being true yourself mean? It means standing back, looking at what you have been told or what you read or how you feel and asking – 

“What Do I Think”?

The rest will come in time. Just don’t let others change your course!

What Is Infanticide? Ask Merrick Garland

The word Infanticide should send you running to the mens room to vomit. A damning set of articles were found connecting the new Obama appointed Supreme court judge Merrick Garland with Infanticide.

Mr Garland passed a law allowing mothers to ‘terminate’ their babies, AFTER they are born! So, you give birth to a new living, breathing baby and if you decide you don’t want it or things are getting too much for the mother, she has the right to terminate the new born child.

A report by said:

Even the most optimistic Republican has to shudder at the prospect of legalized infanticide, comprehensive gun confiscation, Sharia Law, and healthcare for all that an Obama court would obviously entail….

This is a guy that president Obama has appointed to be part of the biggest court service in the US! Are we missing something here? How can you have a supreme court judge that condones the killing of new born children?

Wikipedia’s page on Infanticide can be found [here]. We urge you to read it for yourselves and come to your own conclusions.

In 2004, the Guardian newspaper in the UK published an article titled ‘Inside a wardrobe that had been taped shut, wrapped in bin liners, were three dead babies‘[LINK]. In it and quoted from the article, a passage quote:

There are between 80 to 110 child homicides in the UK each year – around 10 in Scotland – and the majority of them involve infants under a year old. But infanticide, the killing of a newborn by its mother “by wilful act or omission while mentally unbalanced through childbirth”, is extremely rare, linked, usually, to a concealed pregnancy and unassisted delivery.

In 1994, Essex civil servant Caroline Beale was arrested at JFK airport in New York after she was found with her dead newborn baby strapped to her body. Beale had concealed her pregnancy, even from the friends with whom she was on holiday when she gave birth. After being charged with murder she spent eight months in Rikers Island prison until she pleaded guilty to manslaughter. She returned to Britain, where she received psychiatric help.

British courts do tend to look more leniently on these cases. In 1999, a 15-year-old girl stabbed her newborn baby to death after giving birth in secret at her family home in Sutton-in-Ashfield near Mansfield. The girl admitted killing the child while the balance of her mind was disturbed because she had not fully recovered from giving birth. Her plea of not guilty to murder was accepted.

Perhaps our views here on 365reality are old fashioned and not relevant in today’s ‘practical thinking’ world. But surely, terminating a child AFTER its born is classed as murder?.

Tell us your opinions below. And as always, thanks for reading.

YOU HAVE OUR COMPLETE PERMISSION to share and copy this article. 

Why Should We Question Everything ?

I am addressing all fellow humans. By addressing humanity, let there be no manmade boundaries of race, colour or religion. We praise the right of individuality and promote free thought. We should stray from labelling all things unknown as madness, crazy or alternatives that lead to the same shortsighted conclusion.

The term maturity is used as an expression of false ideology. You are neither mature or immature. In reality, labelling those with alternative views with such a term has scribbled a unique impression in the minds of many. The language will vary, the scribbles will vary but all are on a true course to one destination – B.C.O (Boundaries, Compliance  & Obedience).

The original thought born from the human brain should not be dismissed at any level. Creation is not limited to just one but many forms. Imprisoned are those whom do not allow the brain to be independent of B.C.O. Everything is created in duality not single forms.

With life, there is death. With man, there is women and with light, there is darkness. Duality is everywhere, camped all around us and yet we neglect the very thing that makes us human – our ability to think for ourselves, outside of B.C.O.

We must ensure individuality remains fundamental. The questions we have all have roots. The roots require attention . If neglected, confinement to socially approved confusion is ready to greet us with open arms. This in itself is the very foundations of B.C.O. – and now, the scribbles are no longer written with H1 pencils. They are written with permanent ink.

Accepting nothing and questioning everything has been diagnosed as a human malfunction. No longer is it accepted to speak, frown or call for reassurance on to those that are supposedly mature. Dismissive actions are highly favourable when the closet door is left open. No one wants their dirty clothes on display.

Society functions with B.C.O in place. The argument for the need of B.C.O is one of many controversial topics raised by humans. When B.C.O in-prisons your mind, your abilities are limited. Reality has a new meaning now. It makes no sense, but the fear of questioning it is profound.

Information is being wasted – through acceptance. Thus the end of the human brain. Accepting and believing is a constant dual. Its time to allow yourself to question everything and accept nothing. Only then can we really believe in anything.

Parents, teachers, religious figures can [and will] only teach you what they have learnt from someone else. With questioning everything, the yearning to know arises. This will lead you to actually thinking for yourself. Congratulations – you have just become a real human and broken from B.C.O.

Thank you for reading.

Overpopulation and the Funding of World War III

“Wars are horrible. The only good thing about wars is that they help reduce the world population.”

These are the words flung in my face not too long ago, by a person I thought was close to me. I was in shock and asked what do you mean?

“Well, don’t you think the world is over-populated?”

– I couldn’t believe that these were the thoughts of somebody I had respected. They may well be the thoughts of common people in my close vicinity. By opening my eyes to a dimension I ignored until then – the secret thoughts and dreams of people, maybe of the masses began revealing themselves; thoughts that are expressed only in an ambiance of familiarity, or perhaps when ‘under the influence’, when often the inner-most truths come to the fore.

Over-population is a western ego-centric phantasy. Western Comfort is afraid of having to share some of their excesses with the poor under-humans of so-called developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America – the slowly emerging Continents that have been raped for hundreds of years by precisely the same western colonialists which today claim over-population and wage war around the world in a new form of colonialism.

According to FAO – the UN’s World Food Organization – the globe’s current agricultural potential could feed at least 12 billion people, if only the food would not be subject to speculation and would be properly distributed. But it isn’t. Food crop speculators in the US and in Europe, command the price – they literally control who may live and who must die – by famine.

Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people - henery kissinger

Continue Reading at: [Centre for Research on Globalization.]

Views On Donald Trump – By A 14 Year Old

The beauty with children is that they have the ability to speak without prejudice – and purely base there views on reality. This is a special chance to air the views and opinions of a 14 year old student who has a fascination with politics.

Closely following the Trump campaign, we asked some general questions about Mr Trump to see what an uncontaminated mind makes of the world and Donald Trump. A mind that still posses the ability to see things as they are.

Q – How much do you know about Mr Trump?

“- He is very rich. He has lots of businesses around the world and is very successful. He has funny hair and is funny to watch on TV.”

Q – What do you think about his controversial comments on immigration? 

– Well, what he has said is not 100% right but not 100% wrong either. At the end of the day, he feels the current “way of doing things” isn’t working, so he wants to change it. I think he is right – checking to make sure that people are not criminals before allowing them in to a country is a good thing. All countries should be doing it. “

Q – Do you think Donald Trump is right in proposing a ban on all muslims entering America until he can fix the security problem?

” – I think Mr Trump was wrong to say that. People were hurt when he said that. My friends were really sad. But one of my friends said “my dad said – if you need to protect many – sometimes you have to upset a few”. I guess he has a point. We keep danger from hurting us”.

Q – Do you think Mr Trump will make a good President?

” – Yes, as long as he keeps calm and doesn’t lose his temper. He has some good idea’s and he seems honest about what he promises. We will see. Im hoping he will fix things in America. Its not nice to hear about whats happening over there. People my age must be really scared in America. Mr Trump is a clever guy. He knows things about the world.”

Q – If you could write to Mr Trump to make a request – what would that request be?

” – Errm – I would ask Mr Trump to send back my Uncle from war (currently serving in the military). I miss him. I don’t understand why he is fighting in someone else’s country. No wait – I would ask him to stop all the fighting and to send all the army people home. Thats what I would ask him.”

Q – Do you think Mr Trump will win and become president?

” – Yes – he is doing very well. I think so.”

Well, there you have it. Please refrain from making any rude or offensive comments. Remember, a 14 year old does not have the political correctness we have – and its not fair to expect it.

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We would like to thank all the individuals involved in making this come true. We truly appreciate it.