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Is Global Warming Real? – Antarctic Sea Ice Increasing!

This is a real eye opener for those who are interested in climate change and its effects. Interesting read:

At complete odds with climate change models, the Antarctic sea ice has grown, not shrunk! Greenhouse gas and climate change fanatics should duck for cover at this point.

A study conducted by the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) shows evidence that between 2000 – 2014, cooler than average sea surface temperatures in the eastern pacific have caused an expansion of the antarctic sea ice. The big question is WHY?. ….. 

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Best Alternative News Sites & Sources

The mainstream media are no longer trusted by the masses and we have received many emails asking us were people can find the best alternative news sites reporting on real news stories. There are lots to chose from, but be careful, as some are simply extensions (or are affiliated with) of the mainstream matrix. They simply do nothing more than enforce disinformation, which we all need to stay away from.

To help you save time in searching around, we have listed a few sources that we personally have experience with – over a period of 6 + months. Please remember, we are NOT affiliated with, receive any kind of payment or creditation from these sources.

These are in no particular order of preference or credibility.      

These seems to be a small operation but one that is full of interesting topics and news. The sources they use seem to be credible. We have been impressed with the reporting of relevant news stories by 365Reality and many have actually come to be accurate. No religious bias or preference. The site is easy to read and well laid out. Lots of cool (and sometimes weird) reports for those wanting a bit of everything.


  • Well laid out
  • Easy to navigate
  • Interesting topics
  • Cover subjects that the mainstream wont.
  • Good site for alternative news
  • No religious bias


  • Seems like a small operation
  • Not always updated daily
  • Some controversial topics that wont be for everyone

A good news source that offers readers a vast array of topics and news. The site can be a little confusing to navigate at first but you will soon find your way around. We have not found the reporting to be bias toward any religion or political standing but you may find it pro anti-establishment on certain subjects. Like – but on a bigger scale would be a fair conclusion to come too, when looking at the volume of content.


  • Good level of content for most
  • No ‘BS’ approach to reporting
  • Expose on subjects that the mainstream wont.
  • Well established site with lots of content
  • Updated daily


  • Too “busy” and confusing site layout
  • Content can be hard to read at times
  • Dont like the “Chrome is recommended browser” notification

BPEarthWatch – [Youtube channel & website]

A veteran in alternative media, BPEarthWatch has been round for many years. Headed by Jessie Waltham, the channel and website offer a vast array of information to readers and YouTube watchers, covering many topics. We like Jessie’s reporting style as he offers legitimate alternative media news – which is backed up by his knowledge and research. A fantastic place to go for alternative media news regardless of your belief system.


  • Multitude of interesting subjects covered
  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Respected by many alternative media reporters
  • Factual reporting – No BS
  • Love his ending “this is a heads up – be safe” closing statement
  • Regular stories and videos


  • Website can be confusing to navigate

Mary Greeley – [Youtube channel & website]

Mary is a recent addition to our alternative news network and one that we are glad we came across. Her reporting technique is simple but full of valuable information, without the unnecessary hype you may find on other channels. You will find alternative media sources quoting Mary’s work, which always adds credibility to her work. No nonsense, straight to the point – what more do you need?


  • Multitude of interesting subjects covered
  • Respected by many alternative media reporters
  • Factual reporting – No BS
  • Regular stories and videos
  • Anyone can relate to her style of reporting
  • Information given is easy to understand


  • Tries to cover too many stories at times
  • Mary can hit you with 5, 4 minute videos at once – news release timetable could be scheduled better to ensure we have time to watch them all

Terral BlackStar [YouTube channel]

Terral’s channel is focused purely on tracking the blackstar (also known as Planet X or Niburu). Full of science and evidential facts – we really like this channel. No word mixing is the best way to describe Terral’s channel, which is full of interesting (and sometimes scary) facts based on science. Terral’s work is self financed and provides weekly reports and videos for his viewers. Subscribe to his channel and we are confident that you will respect his work and knowledge. Yes, we rate this channel a lot and without apology. His work and dedication is amazing!.

No Pro’s or Con’s on this channel. Its really down to how much of the science you can get your head around that will dictate what you feel about it.

CHEMICAL Hazard: Ammonia Leak in Sanger, CA

Sanger fire chief Greg Tarascou reported being called to an incident at Pitman Farms at around 4.15pm on Monday. Over 800 people had been evacuated after an Ammonia leak left one firefighter needing treatment for chemical burns.

Firefighters and Pitman Farms administrators entered the building and found a “significant” ammonia leak, Tarascou said. With the 800 evacuated, six people were taken to local hospitals with injuries that weren’t life threatening. The area was cleared by 6 p.m. and Pitman Farms was turned back over to administration around 7 p.m. The cause of the leak is under investigation.

Pitman Farms in Sanger, ammonia leak

Pitman Farms in Sanger, ammonia leak

EARTHQUAKE: Vanuatu HIT By 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake

28th April 2016.

Vanuatu has been struck by a huge 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake, a little over an hour ago.

Images from the RSOE website below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 22.00.09

As shown above, the quake’s radius includes 4 volcano’s. Information below on those.


Vanuatu HIT By 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake

Vanuatu HIT By 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake


This area has been struck by several quakes only 2 weeks ago – most were around 6 magnitude.

Russia Orders Faster Troop Movements As Global Catastrophe Fears Rise

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that it has ordered an acceleration of the troop movements now underway in the Eastern Military District (EMD) after Mexico was struck hours ago by a powerful 5.6 magnitude earthquake leading to increased fears that a “global catastrophe is on its way”.

According to this report (and which we previously reported on in our 17 April report Russia Prepares For Catastrophic Earthquake, But Warns America Is In Worst Danger), the over 25,000 Federation troops being redeployed by the EMD since 19 April in a “drill framework”, so as not to arouse greater fears, are now in “full acceleration mode” towards their safety corridors should the Pacific Plate begin to fracture.


Pacific plate could fracture


Doctor-Scientist Mehran Keshe this past year, this report continues, had warned about this catastrophe saying that North and South America could “split” and that mega tsunamis could “strike America and Asia killing 40 million people”.

This grim assessment was concurred with by American Doctor-Scientist Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), this report says, and who likewise has warned that the “The current conditions might trigger at least four earthquakes greater than 8.0 in magnitude, and if they delay, the strain accumulated during the centuries provokes more catastrophic mega earthquakes.”

Most in danger, this report notes, are peoples living near and around the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the North American coasts of Canada and the United States—and who’s grim assessment of the worst that could happen reads like a biblical account of the end of days.


This report concludes by shockingly stating that (as of this reports release in the Kremlin) no efforts are being seen by either the American or Canadian governments to either prepare for or warn their citizens of what could potentially occur if the Pacific Plate continues its rapid expansion and that has already cost the lives of hundreds in both Japan and Ecuador.

To fully comprehend this current MoD report, it should be put into its proper context by reading their prior reports of this looming crisis, and as we’ve documented in: Russia Moves Another 50,000 Forces To EU Border, Warns “Catastrophe About To Begin”, Russia Prepares For Catastrophic Earthquake, But Warns America Is In Worst Danger and Putin War Move Sends Shockwave Through West As Pacific Tsunami Threat Rises.

Sourced via Russia Orders Faster Troop Movements As Global Catastrophe Fears Rise

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JP Morgan’s Bankruptcy plan threatens America’s financial stability

Financial observers have been sounding the alarm on the U.S. banking system. But a recent letter from the Federal Reserve to JPMorgan Chase, the largest U.S. bank, should impress on skeptics the gravity of the situation.

In an April 12, 2016 letter to JPMorgan Chase‘s CEO and chairman James Dimon, the Federal Reserve expressed its unhappiness over “a deficiency” in JPMorgan’s “wind-down plan”.

A bank’s “wind-down plan” is also called its living will. “Wind-down” is a euphemism for bankruptcy, “wind-down plan” thus refers to a bank’s plan in the event of bankruptcy.

The letter, which has passages blacked out or redacted, begins by saying that on July 1, 2015, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) — henceforth referred to as “the Agencies” — received from JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) its “annual resolution plan” (2015 Plan).

In reviewing JPMC’s 2015 Plan, however, the Agencies determined that the bank’s plan “is not credible or would not facilitate an orderly resolution under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.”

The Fed specifically identifies several deficiencies in JPMorgan’s bankruptcy plan, including the problem of liquidity. As the letter puts it:

“JPMC does not have appropriate models and processes for estimating and maintaining sufficient liquidity at, or readily available to, material entities, or for estimating its liquidity needs to fund its material entities during the resolution period…. JPMC’s liquidity profile is vulnerable to adverse actions by third parties.”

The term “material entities” refers to JPMC’s branches in the U.S. and abroad. Put in simple English, the Federal Reserve says it is skeptical about JPMC’s ability to have the capital or cash on hand to maintain its branches during the “bankruptcy resolution” period. That, in turn, means that JPMC simply does not have the cash to pay all its customers should they demand to withdraw their deposits.

It is bad enough that, in the judgment of the Federal Reserve, JPMorgan does not have the needed liquid capital to pay its depositers. Ominously, on page 11 of the letter, the Fed states there could be “systemic effects” if JPMorgan does not properly address the “deficiency” in its “wind-down plan”. JPMorgan’s failure could “pose serious adverse effects to the financial stability of the United States.” 

Here’s a screenshot I took of the relevant paragraph in page 11 of the letter:

Federal Reserve letter to JPMorgan

And yet, none of this is being reported by the mainstream media. Writing for the blog Wall Street On Parade: A Citizen Guide to Wall Street, Pam and Russ Martens point out:

A rational observer of Wall Street’s serial hubris might have expected some key segments of this letter to make it into the business press. A mere eight years ago the United States experienced a complete meltdown of its financial system, leading to the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. President Obama and regulators have been assuring us over these intervening eight years that things are under control as a result of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation. But according to the letter the Fed and FDIC issued on April 12 to JPMorgan Chase, the country’s largest bank with over $2 trillion in assets and $51 trillion in notional amounts of derivatives, things are decidedly not under control. […]

The Federal regulators didn’t say JPMorgan could pose a threat to its shareholders or Wall Street or the markets. It said the potential threat was to “the financial stability of the United States.”

[…] How could one bank, even one as big and global as JPMorgan Chase, bring down the whole financial stability of the United States? Because, as the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Financial Research (OFR) has explained […], five big banks in the U.S. have high contagion risk to each other. Which bank poses the highest contagion risk? JPMorgan Chase.

As explained by a study by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Financial Research (OFR):

“…the default of a bank with a higher connectivity index would have a greater impact on the rest of the banking system because its shortfall would spill over onto other financial institutions, creating a cascade that could lead to further defaults. High leverage, measured as the ratio of total assets to Tier 1 capital, tends to be associated with high financial connectivity and many of the largest institutions are high on both dimensions…The larger the bank, the greater the potential spillover if it defaults; the higher its leverage, the more prone it is to default under stress; and the greater its connectivity index, the greater is the share of the default that cascades onto the banking system. The product of these three factors provides an overall measure of the contagion risk that the bank poses for the financial system.”

Three of the five largest U.S. banks (JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo) have now had their wind-down plans rejected by the FDIC and the Federal Reserve. It is high time for America’s major newspapers and TV networks to do their job — accurately reporting on the scale of today’s banking problem.

Source: Fellowship of the minds

Recession Hits United Kingdom

BHS (British Home Store’s) in the UK has announced that they may need to close 52 ‘struggling’ stores in order to reduce costs.

BHS profits have been falling due to low consumer spending and may close between 40 – 52 stores UK wide. This will effect hundreds of jobs.

BHS was founded in Brixton, in 1928, and was previously a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index, but was bought by Sir Philip Green in 2000 and taken private. The company became part of Green’s Arcadia Group in 2009.

As the global economy sets to slow down, with some specialists predicting a complete collapse of the US dollar in the coming few months, fears grow that we may see similar moves conducted by other retail stores, worldwide!

SEE: Gerald Celente explains – Global markets and the imminent collapse of the US Dollar.

With so much misinformation from the main stream media, it is difficult to understand exactly what is happening to the global economy.

(US) FEMA Training Texas Police For Mass Arrests

Texas US – Reports have surfaced stating that Texas police are currently undergoing training, provided by FEMA officials, on how to best deal with civil unrest across the state. reported that FEMA officials have been conducting extensive 3 day training programs for the Texas police force, comprising of 15 different departments. Core training and drills are being centred around dealing with mass civil unrest. The drills include baton training, riot control formations and making mass arrests.

We can see 3 reasons why a police force would prepare for such an event as ‘mass civil arrest’.

  1. Presidential elections: Rigged vote counts, costing Donald Trump the presidency.
  2. War: An attack on US soil, disrupting communications, food supplies and medication.
  3. Natural Disaster: An event that would cause mass panic and the need for someone in authority to be held accountable.

Or, all 3.

Speculation aside, this sounds an alarm that officials are preparing for something that may effect ‘the masses’ and cause unrest. We will have to wait and see.

Your thoughts and comments below.

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FREAKY ‘Body Possession’ Hits Malaysian Schools

KOTA BARU – There seems to be an “epidemic” of mass hysteria after three more schools were affected over the past one week.

The latest schools to be struck with the “body possession phenomenon” are SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1 (five female students), SMK Kemumin (20 students) and SMK Kubang Kerman 3 (eight students).

The school administration of SMK Pengkalan Chepa 1 managed to control the situation by sending the affected students home to stop other students from being affected.

A students affairs head, who declined to be named, confirmed that the students were struck by alleged hysteria.

At SMK Kemumin, 20 female students from four classes were overwhelmed by the same phenomenon and were immediately sent home.

A check at the school at 8am on Monday (April 18) showed that the students were gathered to recite religious verses in an attempt to rid the bad spirits from the school.

Meanwhile, a renowned local traditional medicine expert, Wiru Sankala, said the hot weather and repressed emotion and the reports of the mass hysteria that went viral could be the cause of the hysteria that has affected several schools.

State deputy education director Jaafar Ismail said the schools should be left alone to sort out the problem.

SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2 first reported cases of hysteria last Monday, affecting more than 100 students and teachers. The school was shut down on Thursday.

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