Best Alternative News Sites & Sources

The mainstream media are no longer trusted by the masses and we have received many emails asking us were people can find the best alternative news sites reporting on real news stories. There are lots to chose from, but be careful, as some are simply extensions (or are affiliated with) of the mainstream matrix. They simply do nothing more than enforce disinformation, which we all need to stay away from.

To help you save time in searching around, we have listed a few sources that we personally have experience with – over a period of 6 + months. Please remember, we are NOT affiliated with, receive any kind of payment or creditation from these sources.

These are in no particular order of preference or credibility.      

These seems to be a small operation but one that is full of interesting topics and news. The sources they use seem to be credible. We have been impressed with the reporting of relevant news stories by 365Reality and many have actually come to be accurate. No religious bias or preference. The site is easy to read and well laid out. Lots of cool (and sometimes weird) reports for those wanting a bit of everything.


  • Well laid out
  • Easy to navigate
  • Interesting topics
  • Cover subjects that the mainstream wont.
  • Good site for alternative news
  • No religious bias


  • Seems like a small operation
  • Not always updated daily
  • Some controversial topics that wont be for everyone

A good news source that offers readers a vast array of topics and news. The site can be a little confusing to navigate at first but you will soon find your way around. We have not found the reporting to be bias toward any religion or political standing but you may find it pro anti-establishment on certain subjects. Like – but on a bigger scale would be a fair conclusion to come too, when looking at the volume of content.


  • Good level of content for most
  • No ‘BS’ approach to reporting
  • Expose on subjects that the mainstream wont.
  • Well established site with lots of content
  • Updated daily


  • Too “busy” and confusing site layout
  • Content can be hard to read at times
  • Dont like the “Chrome is recommended browser” notification

BPEarthWatch – [Youtube channel & website]

A veteran in alternative media, BPEarthWatch has been round for many years. Headed by Jessie Waltham, the channel and website offer a vast array of information to readers and YouTube watchers, covering many topics. We like Jessie’s reporting style as he offers legitimate alternative media news – which is backed up by his knowledge and research. A fantastic place to go for alternative media news regardless of your belief system.


  • Multitude of interesting subjects covered
  • Years of experience and knowledge
  • Respected by many alternative media reporters
  • Factual reporting – No BS
  • Love his ending “this is a heads up – be safe” closing statement
  • Regular stories and videos


  • Website can be confusing to navigate

Mary Greeley – [Youtube channel & website]

Mary is a recent addition to our alternative news network and one that we are glad we came across. Her reporting technique is simple but full of valuable information, without the unnecessary hype you may find on other channels. You will find alternative media sources quoting Mary’s work, which always adds credibility to her work. No nonsense, straight to the point – what more do you need?


  • Multitude of interesting subjects covered
  • Respected by many alternative media reporters
  • Factual reporting – No BS
  • Regular stories and videos
  • Anyone can relate to her style of reporting
  • Information given is easy to understand


  • Tries to cover too many stories at times
  • Mary can hit you with 5, 4 minute videos at once – news release timetable could be scheduled better to ensure we have time to watch them all

Terral BlackStar [YouTube channel]

Terral’s channel is focused purely on tracking the blackstar (also known as Planet X or Niburu). Full of science and evidential facts – we really like this channel. No word mixing is the best way to describe Terral’s channel, which is full of interesting (and sometimes scary) facts based on science. Terral’s work is self financed and provides weekly reports and videos for his viewers. Subscribe to his channel and we are confident that you will respect his work and knowledge. Yes, we rate this channel a lot and without apology. His work and dedication is amazing!.

No Pro’s or Con’s on this channel. Its really down to how much of the science you can get your head around that will dictate what you feel about it.