(US) FEMA Training Texas Police For Mass Arrests

Texas US – Reports have surfaced stating that Texas police are currently undergoing training, provided by FEMA officials, on how to best deal with civil unrest across the state.

Infowars.com reported that FEMA officials have been conducting extensive 3 day training programs for the Texas police force, comprising of 15 different departments. Core training and drills are being centred around dealing with mass civil unrest. The drills include baton training, riot control formations and making mass arrests.

We can see 3 reasons why a police force would prepare for such an event as ‘mass civil arrest’.

  1. Presidential elections: Rigged vote counts, costing Donald Trump the presidency.
  2. War: An attack on US soil, disrupting communications, food supplies and medication.
  3. Natural Disaster: An event that would cause mass panic and the need for someone in authority to be held accountable.

Or, all 3.

Speculation aside, this sounds an alarm that officials are preparing for something that may effect ‘the masses’ and cause unrest. We will have to wait and see.

Your thoughts and comments below.

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