The Telegraph UK has reported that the archways to the temple of BAAL will no longer be erected in New York City or Trafalgar Square, London. Reasons for the change of heart in erecting these controversial arches is unknown. was one of the first media websites in the world to report on the subject. Since then, the the entire world began to question why there was a need to recreate these arches. Religious groups where outraged over the announcement – clearly being heard in the places that matter.

We never quite understood why someone would want to honour a ‘God’ who (based on ancient Sumerian text) required children as sacrifices. It is also strange that the original temple was allegedly ‘destroyed by ISIS’ – but the arch remained untouched and is still standing today.

The Arches to the temple of BAAL were to be recreated using the worlds largest 3-D printer, and was reported that these archers would be built in 1000 locations around the globe. All locations were said to be within major cities. The cost of the project has not been reported, but we can safely assume that it would not be a cheap job.

Let us hope that the next idea to recreate and honour an ancient ruin is more widely accepted and applauded, than this one.

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