EXPOSED: PROOF that Apple VS FBI Unlocking iPhone Was A PR Stunt!

Only a few weeks ago, we were amazed to hear that “Apple has your back” when it comes to privacy and security. Refusing the FBI a “master key” to the iOS iPhone operating system was a monumental achievement and one that was celebrated worldwide.

It has been confirmed that this was all a huge PR stunt. Just today, RT News reported that British immigration officers have been granted the power to hack into the phones and computers of refugees and asylum seekers since 2013!!.[link to article]

Clearly, the authorities have been able to access the content stored on iPhone’s for over 3 years, based on this RT report. So, if the UK can do it, only a fool would assume that the FBI would break a sweat. An even bigger fool would suggest that refugee’s could not own iPhones.

Coincidentally – this was all going on just before the release of Apples new iPhone 5se

We will let you decide – coincidence or a priceless work of PR? Please leave your comments in the section below. We would really like to read your views.


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