Social Engineering – The Rape Of Women

Disclaimer: Caution – This may shock some readers

With regret, what we are about to share with you in this report is considered contradictory with common belief. Those that are involved have gone to great lengths to achieve zero exposure and are still operating using extreme covert methods of concealment. If you feel that you are not ready for the information we are about to share, please STOP NOW… and enjoy the rest of your day….

Record levels of abortion’s have left some clinics without enough staff, and others crying out for more funding. In countries and states where abortion is illegal, “private family advisors” are unlawfully on the rise. Record numbers of court cases involving young girls and women, who have been raped by men are recorded – worldwide. A (unconfirmed) report suggests that girls, as young as 12 , have aborted babies.

Domestic violence has soared over the last 50 years, with worryingly high trends where women are the victims. Almost symmetrically,  violence toward men, by women, is also soaring at rates never seen before. The “age at conviction” of rapists is getting younger, and so are the female victims. This is contrary to public belief due to the very nature of the covert methods used to “manage” such information and situations.

Women’s lives are being ruined , every second, of every day and many are going unheard. The need for “silence” in some countries & cultures still exists and is feared to always remain as such. Social standing and family honour fears rule the minds of many victims. This in itself is confirmation of social delinquency and exploitation of the female gender.

Our research has led us to believe that one man, a Professor Wilhelm Wundt,  who is considered by many as the father of psychology, is to blame. Professor, Wilhelm Wundt, put together some ideas and practices of psychology that would, unbeknown to him, shape the world in a way he may never have imagined. Wundt believed that, much like an animal, Man could be persuaded to do just about anything, given the right type of stimulation and experience(s).

As such, Wundt’s methods and conclusions have had a dramatic effect on the world, most notably in education where his ideas on training and development have been taught through almost every academic institution, in one form or another, in the western world. Modern education no longer relies upon teaching children how to think critically and independently, it now concentrates its efforts on training children to behave and react in a prescribed manner.

Training human behaviour and the results are ever more apparent over time, simply through reward and punishment. Those that follow the prescribed path and ideals, as laid out by governments and high ranking think tanks, are successful in life, and those that go against the grain are ridiculed, alienated and often punished.  A “herd manipulation technique” was also researched and put out to the masses. This is one of the most sinister and concerning real life studies to be carried out. Mass manipulation is something that is evident today. The “Design, Manufacturing and Production” of events and the deliverance of them is called the main stream media.

Through the application of propaganda, drugs, popular culture, media, film studios, music labels and educational programs and lobbying, the Tavistock Institute has shaped society, our culture and the way we respond to politics, wars and changes in behaviour and practices; one of which has been to shape our society’s views on sexuality.

All that we consume in the media has been, in most accounts, designed with impeccable accuracy and delivered to the “masses” with almost military grade precision. The creation and destruction of the rich and famous is decided and engineered by a few.

Sexuality has been a considerable target – groups have sought to change our opinions on homosexuality and trans-genders with one arm, they have sought to turn man against woman with the other — most notably in the form of the ‘Women’s liberation movement’, which is a contradiction in terms since the movement has done more to degrade women than it has to liberate them. Then there are the “worshiped celebrities” that are moulding how we should think, feel and look at life. What our goals “should” be and how “success” is praised. What comes with success and money is almost rammed down our children’s throats everyday and then we blame them for turning up late to family funerals.

The media is always reminding us of the differences between men and women, almost building a phantom wall between the genders. Destroying the very natural fabric of the meaning ‘family’. The genders have never been so close to sheer hatred in history. Its no wonder depression has been rising over the last two decades across the board.

Nature has always promoted the union between man and women, which cannot be destroyed overnight. It takes years and many generations to reach maximum effectiveness of mind manipulation strategies. The successfulness is evident today, with women of all ages paying the price.

Family is no longer seen as a privilege, but more of a burden. Parents are no longer respected, but merely humoured.  Children are no longer a creation of joy, but a programmable object with many potential applications.

If you can relate to what we have disclosed, we would love to hear your views and opinions. Please consider sharing this – it may help someone out there make some sense out of this life….
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