Phantom ISIS – What….Who?

“We can only go by what we are told”

Looking over some old articles we have, a thought came to me. It was from a headline, and then another headline – 6 to be exact. They all had one thing in common – they all talked about how many ISIS targets had been successfully destroyed.

ISIS – from a visual standpoint – do not look like they have the capability to purchase state of the art weapons. And with so many of them, where do they all sleep? How is food transported to their soldiers? How are soldiers wearing black clothing from head to foot in the scorching desert heat, even manage to get as far as they have?

Stay with me …….

And then there’s vehicles. Toyota pickup trucks with mounted weaponry? Able to mix it AND still be around after Russia’s intervention. They are not as well trained as the British forces, or US forces and would surely have lost all hope after the Russian bombing runs.

Over the last 6 months, the mainstream media have been reporting:

And so on….

My thought is this. How many targets do we have to destroy before ISIS is ACTUALLY defeated?

There are so many countries operating in this war with ISIS, all of whom have strong militaries. Your telling me that with all these countries together, using their finest weapons and soldiers, constantly battering ISIS – are still unable to defeat these cavemen?

The NATO countries must have destroyed over 20,000 “ISIS targets” to date. But yet ISIS can still cause trouble in foreign nations, they still able to take over historic Syrian towns and cities and are still considered a threat?

What is going on here? Either someone is misinformed on the number of bombing runs conducted – or – ISIS is actually a televised reality show to keep us all in a state of fear. Staged actors wouldn’t be hard to film driving past with guns and flags.

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