Be True To Yourself

Can we honestly say that we are a society of honest people? In a world where we are stepping on each other to make a quick buck and external influences dictating what we should think and feel – its hard to tell.

Our world is quickly becoming a dictatorship – and we are all aware of it. From the restrictions put on where and when people can smoke a cigarette to what we are “permitted” to see on the internet. We were supposed to be part of a revolution – freedom of open speech, freedom on the internet and information was supposed to be available to all. It would seem the powers that be are pulling us all in and we are allowing it to happen.

If we all sit back and just think for a while about what is happening around us – the shocking truth will slap you in the face – hard!

The small things that we all think do not matter, are actually the seeds being harvested for bigger changes to come.

Lets all spend some time to think about who we actually are and want we want – not what is being fed to us via our media sources.

So, what does being true yourself mean? It means standing back, looking at what you have been told or what you read or how you feel and asking – 

“What Do I Think”?

The rest will come in time. Just don’t let others change your course!

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