Why Should We Question Everything ?

I am addressing all fellow humans. By addressing humanity, let there be no manmade boundaries of race, colour or religion. We praise the right of individuality and promote free thought. We should stray from labelling all things unknown as madness, crazy or alternatives that lead to the same shortsighted conclusion.

The term maturity is used as an expression of false ideology. You are neither mature or immature. In reality, labelling those with alternative views with such a term has scribbled a unique impression in the minds of many. The language will vary, the scribbles will vary but all are on a true course to one destination – B.C.O (Boundaries, Compliance  & Obedience).

The original thought born from the human brain should not be dismissed at any level. Creation is not limited to just one but many forms. Imprisoned are those whom do not allow the brain to be independent of B.C.O. Everything is created in duality not single forms.

With life, there is death. With man, there is women and with light, there is darkness. Duality is everywhere, camped all around us and yet we neglect the very thing that makes us human – our ability to think for ourselves, outside of B.C.O.

We must ensure individuality remains fundamental. The questions we have all have roots. The roots require attention . If neglected, confinement to socially approved confusion is ready to greet us with open arms. This in itself is the very foundations of B.C.O. – and now, the scribbles are no longer written with H1 pencils. They are written with permanent ink.

Accepting nothing and questioning everything has been diagnosed as a human malfunction. No longer is it accepted to speak, frown or call for reassurance on to those that are supposedly mature. Dismissive actions are highly favourable when the closet door is left open. No one wants their dirty clothes on display.

Society functions with B.C.O in place. The argument for the need of B.C.O is one of many controversial topics raised by humans. When B.C.O in-prisons your mind, your abilities are limited. Reality has a new meaning now. It makes no sense, but the fear of questioning it is profound.

Information is being wasted – through acceptance. Thus the end of the human brain. Accepting and believing is a constant dual. Its time to allow yourself to question everything and accept nothing. Only then can we really believe in anything.

Parents, teachers, religious figures can [and will] only teach you what they have learnt from someone else. With questioning everything, the yearning to know arises. This will lead you to actually thinking for yourself. Congratulations – you have just become a real human and broken from B.C.O.

Thank you for reading.

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