SYRIA – Russia Withdraws Military – But Why?

Did Russia’s withdrawal from Syria come as a surprise to you? We bet the first thing you thought was “why”?

We have been closely monitoring the Syrian war and the ever growing tensions between nations around the world. The level of provocation is at boiling point and no one seems to be backing down. So why has Russia withdrawn?

Looking at everything that has been going on over the last 2 weeks with N.Korea, China, US and S.Korea – the never ending threats from N.Korea of nuclear strikes on US mainland and the US provoking China with its “freedom of navigation” in the south China sea – Russia looks to be going in to a “defence” mode.

It seems like all hell is about to break loose in the east and with Russian troops out in Syria – it leaves them open to huge casualties. Clever move to pull out by Russia.

History has shown that this is a tactic used by Russia before. They withdraw troops from a fight Рand then when people least expect it Рthey come out of the gates firing with all military assets. That, in itself is one scary thought! But who will it be against? We will leave you to decide on that. The current possibilities are N.Korea, S. Korea, US and Saudi Arabia.

Thus far, we believe that Russia has shown more restraint and is clearly looking for a peaceful result – more so than any other nation. But there patience may soon come to an end. Could this be the first sign of that?

Your thoughts and comments below.


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