Latest World Breaking News -14/03/2016

– Latest World Breaking News –

News crew come under fire while filming
A news crew from RT came under fire whilst conducting interviews in a normally quiet district of Daraa, Syria. [VIDEO LINK]

N.Korea Kim Jong Un Poses next to nuclear warhead [VIDEO LINK]

US Deploys Bombers Close To China
In a move that will only increase tensions, the US is amassing bombers close to China. This move is to show China that the US is able/prepared to launch strikes on China should they need too. [VIDEO LINK]

– Trending News –

PRIVACY WAR – UK To Hack Your Phones and Collect Taxes

Views On Donald Trump – By A 14 Year Old

Syrian Refugee’s Shot By Turkish Border Guards

More as we get it. Be sure to follow us and keep up to date.


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