Views On Donald Trump – By A 14 Year Old

The beauty with children is that they have the ability to speak without prejudice – and purely base there views on reality. This is a special chance to air the views and opinions of a 14 year old student who has a fascination with politics.

Closely following the Trump campaign, we asked some general questions about Mr Trump to see what an uncontaminated mind makes of the world and Donald Trump. A mind that still posses the ability to see things as they are.

Q – How much do you know about Mr Trump?

“- He is very rich. He has lots of businesses around the world and is very successful. He has funny hair and is funny to watch on TV.”

Q – What do you think about his controversial comments on immigration? 

– Well, what he has said is not 100% right but not 100% wrong either. At the end of the day, he feels the current “way of doing things” isn’t working, so he wants to change it. I think he is right – checking to make sure that people are not criminals before allowing them in to a country is a good thing. All countries should be doing it. “

Q – Do you think Donald Trump is right in proposing a ban on all muslims entering America until he can fix the security problem?

” – I think Mr Trump was wrong to say that. People were hurt when he said that. My friends were really sad. But one of my friends said “my dad said – if you need to protect many – sometimes you have to upset a few”. I guess he has a point. We keep danger from hurting us”.

Q – Do you think Mr Trump will make a good President?

” – Yes, as long as he keeps calm and doesn’t lose his temper. He has some good idea’s and he seems honest about what he promises. We will see. Im hoping he will fix things in America. Its not nice to hear about whats happening over there. People my age must be really scared in America. Mr Trump is a clever guy. He knows things about the world.”

Q – If you could write to Mr Trump to make a request – what would that request be?

” – Errm – I would ask Mr Trump to send back my Uncle from war (currently serving in the military). I miss him. I don’t understand why he is fighting in someone else’s country. No wait – I would ask him to stop all the fighting and to send all the army people home. Thats what I would ask him.”

Q – Do you think Mr Trump will win and become president?

” – Yes – he is doing very well. I think so.”

Well, there you have it. Please refrain from making any rude or offensive comments. Remember, a 14 year old does not have the political correctness we have – and its not fair to expect it.

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We would like to thank all the individuals involved in making this come true. We truly appreciate it.


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