Will There Be World War 3 ?

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are purely our own and do not reflect those of others.

Will there be World War 3? When will it happen ? Who will start it?

We have been closely following the development of events unfolding in the middle east. So much so, we check our phones for new news during the night. We are trying to find the answer to will there be world war 3 and if so, when is it going to happen.

The main stream media will have your attention on the humanitarian issues across Europe, will the military might of the worlds great empires gather their forces. From all over the world, military “exercises” are being conducted in the East part of the globe. Remember that word “East“!

Everyone who is anyone are bombing the hell out of Syria and this so called “cease fire” is not holding up. Why would you have a cease fire at all ? Whats the point? You could say that it is for the benefit of the civilians – so that they can receive humanitarian aid. Thats a fair comment. But surely, if the civilians were of concern in this war, then the West would not have even started it in the first place! They would have evacuated cities before carrying out air strikes. No, no – cease’s fires are a great chance to reload and re-group!

But for what? Don’t you find it funny that all the military might in the world is currently situated in the EAST part of the globe? There’s that word East! Under the flag of “exercises” or “humanitarian aid” – everyone is in the east. That got us thinking. What if what we are going to see, is not World War 3, but preparation for something else…

The worlds media keep the west busy with migrants, the US presidential news and blurb – meanwhile those “in the know” are moving east. What do you need during and after a major incident? Order – by way of military intervention. Its just a thought.

Your thoughts and idea’s are welcome below. All we ask is that you remain civil and respectful of everyones opinions / beliefs – we still have that ability, so use it. 

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