Smartphone Privacy Risk – Everyone Attacks Apple

Don’t Be A Drone – Think For Yourself!

To say that “Apple iPhones are now the choice of drug barons and arms dealers” is completely absurd and something that we would not expect to come from The Guardian.

Apple is guilty of protecting its customers from the prying eyes of the government – thats all! Nothing more. Government institutions are continuously revising law’s to ensure that they can have access to your data, and we mean all of it!. Read: [PRIVACY WAR – UK To Hack Your Phones and Collect Taxes]

Apple could create a “back-door” access point for officials, but that (as with all things) will soon be abused – remember PRISM anyone? Learn from history guys!

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“I have nothing to hide, so its ok”. Thats a cop out statement. We all have sensitive data (passwords, bank account information etc) and even if its not sensitive – no one has the right to have access to it expect the owner of that information.

Its no surprise that Apple is being targeted by idiotic headlines and non-factual statements – they refuse to be bent over a barrel. High praise to Apple for sticking to its core beliefs.

Its about time that governments start to realise that not everyone is a menace to society and that a few do not reflect the masses. Its high time that they start doing some real investigative work and stop blaming everyone else for their downfalls. They have access to so much data and intelligence – so excuse us if we cannot accept that this one iPhone will make all the difference to the investigation.

“Don’t follow the masses – learn to think for yourself”

Disclaimer: Opinions on 365reality are purely our own, and do not reflect the views of anyone else.


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