PRIVACY WAR – UK To Hack Your Phones and Collect Taxes

A very concerning article published this morning by Sky News points at a “reboot” of the Snoopers charter in the UK. So what you say..? Well read on.

It outlines how it –

“extends the powers of Police and public authorities to access peoples internet history and to hack into phones”

Your internet history will be “stored for a year – for the purpose of preventing and detecting crime” – Sky News reporter Tom Cheshire states.

Horrified?? It gets worse!

Under the new law, authorities will have the power to assess or collect ANY tax – without a warrant! So they can just ‘take’ your money – without your consent!

“Law enforcement agencies will also be given more powers to hack into people’s phones, known as equipment interference. The bill could also require companies like Apple to decrypt users private data”.

Now, I am all for keeping our communities safe from harmful people and situations – but don’t you think the is taking things too far? I mean, why should the actions of a minority take a toll on all peoples privacy. You know this is only the beginning!

What are your thoughts? link to Sky News Article:

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