Fuego Volcano Information | 01/03/2016

Updated – 02/03/2016: Fuego volcano news & eruption update

Fuego volcano (Guatemala): increasing activity


The activity of the volcano continued to increase into its 4th paroxysm (called “eruption” by local press) of 2016. Lava effusion rate increased gradually and continued to feed the lava flow on the eastern side into the Las Lajas ravine, where it reached approx 600 m length yesterday and started to produce small pyroclastic flows (by collapse of parts of the flow on the steep slope).

Pulsating lava fountains at the summit vents generated an steam and ash plume that rose 2-3 km above the volcano, reaching altitudes of 17-20,000 ft(5.2 – 6 km). The plume drifted southwest for up to 20 km before dissipating.
Constant moderate to strong rumblings can be heard and felt in nearby areas.


The fuego volcano is showing signs of increasing activity as of 1st March 2016 (09.11 am).

New lava flow is reported to have started on the east flank as of yesterday evening. The volcano discovery channel report:

The previously (normal) mild strombolian activity at the summit vents is also increasing, and it seems that the volcano could be in for yet another paroxysm in the coming days.
After the latest paroxysm in early February, this would mark the 4th such episode in 2016.

fuego volcano information

Glow from explosive and effusive activity


We will update this page if things develop further.



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