Urban Guerrilla Warfare Tactics Needed To Combat Zika Virus

An alarming new suggestion may see the use of door-to-door action by the government in the name of mosquito control. An Urban Guerrilla Warfare Tactic is Needed To Combat Zika Virus.

“It’s like preparing for a hurricane,” said Dennis Moore, Director of mosquito control in Pasco County, Fla.

“You know it’s coming from across the Gulf, but where it’s going to land, we just don’t know.” New York Times – Feb 12th 2016

The Aedes aegypti mosquito, that carries the Zika virus is said to have already infected over 1.5million people in Brazil already and is making its way over to the USA. The mosquito is said to be:

“tenacious and relatively impervious to broad outdoor spraying.” New York TimesFeb 12th 2016

In an age where there are already wide spread concerns over the intrusion of the Government on citizens liberties, this suggestion may see much resistance from the public.

“This guerrilla warfare house-to-house method is still very new and I’m not convinced that many places are prepared for it,” said Michael Doyle, the Head of Mosquito Control for the Florida Keys

People have already begun saying that until a vaccine is produced, tested and the people have been made aware of the possible side effects of taking it – they will not welcome this door-to-door guerrilla warfare tactic.

What do you think?


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