Drones With A Heartbeat

The mothership has spoken, the drones are in place,
Infultrate the masses, with a pen and a case,
For while they are blind, we’ll make them see,
That we are the only voice, for you and me,

Amoungst all the bedlum, the drone’s are wise,
They will ensure, no sound, no cries,
Whilst all of this is happening, people watch with one eye,
The mothership is still, observing the ink dry,

History in the making, but not with good will,
Their second eye’s open, engulfed by the chill,
The masses have gathered, with brother and mate,
We’ve never been so close, but now its too late,

For the ink has dried, and the chips will fall,
Our minds greatest powers, reduced to a crawl,
For the mothership has spoken, for all to see,
Observing with both eyes, is not for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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