Katt Williams – Comedian Or Spokesperson?

Having just finished watching a Katt Williams performance on Youtube and feel compelled to write my thoughts and feelings down – before they are diluted.

Katt Williams has drawn attention to himself for being out spoken and his performance I just witnessed is just that! Im a great fan of standup comedy and was amazed (after doing a little research) at what his message is about. Thats right, you are being fed a strong message throughout his entire performances.

How can a guy with such respect, admiration and following get himself in to so much trouble? I have lost count how many times Mr Williams has been arrested.

Anyway, about the performance and the message – well, see for yourself!

Aside from his use of colorful language (which goes with the territory), Mr Williams is telling us all that we need to wake up. Regardless of what colour, religion or social standing who come from, we are all the same!

What do you think?


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