Dog Obedience Training – What worked for us

In my opinion and experience, there is no such thing as bad pet dogs…only ill equipped or bad owners..

Over the years, I have owned several dogs. My favourite (not that I loved the others any less) was Sasha, my Alsatian. Sasha was my first pet dog and was the one that opened my eyes to how important it is to, not only love your K9 friend – but love them enough to ensure you are well equipped to handle them. Otherwise, you are heading toward some stressful, emotional and sometimes, intimidating times. How to train your dog to sit is one thing, managing their behaviour is something else.

It got so bad, our friends would text us from the driveway….

I got Sasha when she was just 6 months old and was already, a large and powerful dog. From the moment she arrived at our home, she was nothing but a complete menace around the house. We were just not equipped with the right knowledge or experience to handle such an animal. Weeks and months passed by and Sasha’s behaviour was beginning to cause problems with neighbours, friends and family. It got so bad, our friends would text us from the driveway to say they had arrived – code for – grab Sasha!
Sasha was about 18 months old and things were bad.

Our street had become a “no go zone” as parents would not let there children play in our street because of Sasha. The postman refused to deliver letters to our letterbox and instead, left them behind our garden wall, in a plastic bag (if we were lucky!).

Sasha’s Issues Included:
– Loud Barking – day and night
– Intimidating visitors
– Very territorial
– Uncontrollable bursts of energy
– Chewing household items
– Pulling on lead during walks
– Not listening to certain commands

A couple come round to see her, but they never called back after the visit.

We had letters from the council and three visitings from the police about Sasha’s barking and lack of obedience. We were quickly becoming the “neighbours from hell” and the family thats got that “terrible, noisy dog”. It was all getting too much for us. We got to the point where we considered giving Sasha away. We even had a couple come round to see her, but they never called back after the visit.

You should have thought of that months ago Helen….

It then suddenly hit me what one of the police officers said – “Its not all bad – perhaps some professional dog obedience training might help”. I know what your thinking – “you should have thought of that months ago Helen”. I did, but where to begin and where would I need to go for this training? Surely, we would be able to sort Sasha out by ourselves.

I got on the web, searching for a professional service that I could seek help from. And ” oh my god ” – there were thousands and thousands of pages promising this and that. The usual “blah blah….we can work miracles with your dog” and “your pet will be transformed in just 2 weeks”. Well, I had to desperately find a fix otherwise Sasha would not be a family member for much longer.

Now, I’m not going to say anything more except this….

Over a 3 month period, I had invested almost $300 in guides, books and other publications for tips and lessons on how to train a dog, dog obedience training tips and a whole bunch of website subscriptions that, quite frankly, were all ok but were missing one fundamental thing. They didn’t understand Sasha’s phycology, or mine for that matter.
You see, over 62% of the worlds population learn better when they are shown what to do. Video tutorials is (for the most part) the best way humans learn and I happen to be part of that 62%.
A colleague of mine at that time came over to my desk one afternoon and said “my brother just bought a labrador and went here for help”. My initial thought was – “oh yeah, another miracle working website no doubt”. But me being me, I went home that evening and had a look. Well it looked nice and was a video based learning site, so that caught my attention immediately.

do you love your K9 companion enough…..

Now, I’m not going to say anything more except this – Children are playing in our street again thanks to this site. Now, the tutorials are not cheap, but you get what you pay for and anyway, these days, when are great things cheap?
You must consider this seriously – do you love your K9 companion enough to train yourself to be the Alpha male? Because thats what you have to be if you want to be in control! And that goes for Alsatians, Boxer’s,Pit Bull Terriers, Rottweiler’s and Alaskan Malamute’s – all of which I have owned and trained using the insight & skills I have learnt from the site.

As I just mentioned, its not the cheapest of solutions but is SPCA Endorsed, so the advise and knowledge is sound.

If your interested in finding out more, I have put the link below for you to the site.
Remember, there are no bad dogs – just owners!
Dog Training Video Tutorials [LINK HERE]



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