Rant About Apple Watch

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Subject: Apple Watch

By: Emily Sanders – Guest – USA

Excuse me for asking this but what the hell is wrong with everyone these days? The whole world (the insane ones) are freaking out about this bloody Apple watch! All the guys at work are going on and on about this watch they are going to buy that connects to their iPhones and they can speak too. WHAT!!???

A watch you can speak too and it talks back to you!!?? They clearly need a girlfriend! I own an iPhone and to be honest – its ok, it lets me make and receive calls and send messages to my friends – a bit of Facebook now and then – but thats it. Unlike some of my stupid friends, I don’t have a spasm attack if I forget my phone at home. And yes, I do have friends!

Anyway, back to this bloody watch thingy. I can see it now – everyone walking down the street shouting at there wrists! I mean, what the f*** is the world coming too?

Having Facebook is bad enough. I get really annoyed when someone sends me a message through Facebook that they could have easily texted me. Or better still, called me.

What have you done to us Facebook? You have turned the world into a bunch of nerds who love telling each other when they decide to go for a dump!. Now we have a piece of jewellery that we can take with us to the dump and tell everyone what it looks like! Great!

Seriously, people need to get a life. I had a look on the Apple website and read about the watch. Well, nothing special there! I can just look at my phone if I want to know if I have any messages.

And it costs a bomb – but people will buy it because its the “in thing” at the moment. You have got to be a real dick if you cant quickly check your phone and need to have a watch that can do it for you.

And the guys at work – they just prove my point.

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