The Worlds Largest Insurance Policy!


  • Who am I?
  • Are we alone?
  • Will I Find Love?
  • How long will I live?
  • What does my future hold and WHO IS GOD?

These are just some of the questions that all humans ask themselves at some point in their lives. The questions we ask are extremely difficult to answer and on occasion, we don’t want to know even if someone could tell you the answer.

Our minds run at great speeds to keep up with our thoughts, weaving in and out of the present without us realising it. Constant questions, contradicting voices – confusion, confusion, confusion! Our thoughts begin in one place – and end up taking us somewhere completely different!

“Now, what was I saying”?…

For us to survive, stay healthy and be able to give 100% to our daily lives, we must have three things:

  1. Air
  2. Food
  3. Water

Thats it! No more, no less. If you were stripped of all your material things and left with 1 pair of clothes, socks and shoes, you would survive given the three essentials above.

How do we know this? Because its a real thing! Its fact, we know it to our very core – remove one the the essentials above and you know you won’t last very long. Please dont try this at home!

So, we know what we need, lets look at the things we believe we need. Now, this part will differ greatly depending on who you are. The things that majority of us have in common are –

The need to/be:

  1. Accepted
  2. Loved
  3. To always be right
  4. To think we know everything
  5. Material things to enhance our profile

Do we need these? Simple answer – No…its because we have been lead to believe that these things actually enhance our lives. Ever heard the term “What you own, ends up owning you”.

Im as guilty as the next person – mobiles, tv’s and cars are my weakness. But hey, Im only human right..

So, we now know what we need to live – they are real – we know they are! And what we believe we need.

The essentials of life we KNOW, but in God we BELIEVE!


Many people will give me a million reasons as to why they BELIEVE in God. This is not about God – this is about us humans trying to wash ourselves of all the stupid things we have done, doing or going to do!

God is like insurance – Better pay your premium – JUST IN CASE – something goes wrong along the way!

The world is in a mess! Conflicts around the globe are intensifying, nations are beginning to lock-heads with each other and all the leaders are trying to be heard the loudest! Not a good recipe for humanity in my opinion.

All this points to one thing – we are all rather confused about what is real and what is not. And we are way too proud to say “I really don’t know”. Admitting that may lower our social profile and might even get us to begin finding out. Its a frightening concept.

I saw a picture recently of an Assault rifle placed on the floor, right beside a man saying his prayers! I thought that to be rather odd! Im sure he was not using the assault rifle for anything but the possibility of firing it another human being!

Prayers + Assault rifle + Belief = A disaster for humanity (in my opinion)!

We harm won another , we tear up towns and villages in the name of freedom or religion – destroying every living thing – basically everything that any religious book states should not be done. Even our poor offspring are threatened at every turn by prowling monsters.

We do all these things, yet we still pray to God – whom we believe in. We are hypocrites – nothing more. We are trying to ensure that should there be a God, he will bless us for praying to him. If we pray, we wash our hands of all the bad things we have done.

Our need to believe in God is just a “What If there is a God” – Its just paying your insurance premium – Incase something goes wrong!explosions-3591

The world would be a better place if we all woke up and saw reality for what it is – A mess. Then, maybe, we can begin to find out what we KNOW and DONT know, with a view to becoming a better human being.

I thank you for taking the time to read this post. This has been on my mind for a while given recent events around the world. The picture of the man praying with the assault rifle next to him tipped me over the edge.

Many thanks again.



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