Who’s To Blame? – Time To Reflect


Who’s To Blame?


When we are born, we know nothing about anything. Our eyes open for the first time and as soon as that happens, we become investigators. Aimlessly looking around, fascinated by every little detail – taking the time to scrutinise all that surrounds us.

Lets call this phase “Searching”.

You have developed a keen eye for detail. Things that once fascinated you are not as attractive anymore. They actually are but on another level! At this point, we begin to develop a small sense of intellect – rather than aimlessly gazing at objects around us, we are interacting with them, changing them, adapting to whatever goes on around us.

We are continuously removing any objects that are in our way and if you have a five year old, you will know exactly what I mean. You become an explorer!

Lets call this phase “I Wonder If?”

School is in full swing, you have made lots of friends, been introduced to dating – you are now in your early teens. Friends at school come from all backgrounds, have different interests and opinions and they can be rather aggressive in the manner in which they express those opinions.

Your family life is becoming more complicated! You have begun to make your own choices and decisions and want those to be heard at all times, by everyone. You begin to question your parents views and believes but are continuously down trodden and reminded that you are young and inexperienced in life – the elders are always right!

At this point, your parents are beginning to worry as you are developing as a person and asking questions about everything they have told you to believe – this could be a number of things. For example – their outlook on life, religious and cultural beliefs, why certain things are the way they are etc.

You begin to rebel against what you have been told to believe / do / think – you want answers, confirmation on everything you have been told. Lets add a little pier pressure in there and your mind is a whirlwind of confusion!todo-list-297195_1280

So what do you do? Its tough going being at the forefront of every argument at home. No one wants to listen and they all think your crazy! “What is wrong with our child” conversations between Mum and Dad are whispered during the night.

You have two choices :

  • Accept what you are being told as being the truth and unquestionable reality.
  • Choose to believe what you feel is write in your gut.

Most people from a cultured or religious family will take the first choice – “if my parents say its true, then it must be! My grandparents, extended family and friends all believe so I must be wrong!”

Lets call this phase “The Believer”

I can hear you saying “where is all this going”? Just stick with me…. It will make sense soon.

So now your a believer! Excellent! You express your believes, you are a proud believer! Your parents have brought you up well!…. right?..

If I told you that your device that you are using to read this, is about to overheat and burst in to flames, so you’d better put it down and get some water ready – what will you do?

Of course, you would think I am barking mad and stop reading…right!? Why would you think that? I have just tried to help you! I may be trying to ensure that no harm comes to you! I am trying to ensure that should you incur any injuries – they won’t be so bad as to effect your future! It makes sense right?

In a nutshell – all I’m trying to do is help you.

You still think I’m barking mad though – because how on earth would I know that your device is going to burst in to flames? You know thats not possible, you know that because you are using your intellect, thinking sensibly and logically.

Somewhere along the way, we have forgotten the “Searching” and “I Wonder If” elements that had previously served us well. These elements assisted in our growth as individuals, maintained our focus on the present and made us see things for what they ARE and not what they COULD or SHOULD be.

You have become the “The Believer” without even realising it. A walking bundle of confusion. With one breath, you say you believe and with the other, your quietly questioning its authenticity.

We all know the earth is round. We all know that the sky is blue. We all know that the way we grow things is by planting them in to the ground. Why do we know this? Because it is reality, it is visible and you can see it with your eyes (round earth can be found on Google Earth Images).

Being “The Believer” and trying to make others believe is a problem that the world has always faced.

So, Who’s To Blame? Our elders? Our ancestors? Our friends? Or..You?

We all have the capacity to think for ourselves. This has been given to us at birth – so why are we not using it?

Your parents / elders are telling you what to believe based on their life experiences and probably, what they were made to believe by your grandparents. Now they may want you to follow suit and be a good son/daughter.

Real beliefs that run to your very core should be YOUR beliefs. You will seldom share your true beliefs with anyone – they are personal to you.

smile-191626_1280So to tie things up, the next time someone asks you to believe something or when you are interacting with your children – ask yourself this:

Am I basing this on logic? Have I seen this myself? Do I truly believe this to be fact?

If your 5 senses cannot identify it – then you cannot believe it to be true!

We have one chance to bring up our children and teach them the basics. Don’t be afraid to let them ask “I wonder If” and begin “searching” for the answer.

Otherwise we will be bringing up a nation of zombies – and This Could Matter to all of us!

Thanks for reading. What do you believe?


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